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  Foiled is a local competitive multiplayer game based around frenetic combat and a unique soul-stealing system, which has players quickly switching between offensive and defensive play. Mobility is key, with players bouncing around the level Super Meat Boy-style, competing for an advantage in positioning. The game utilizes just a few combat mechanics to their fullest, with surprising depth. Foiled is intended to allow players to enjoy the most satisfying, cerebral elements of high-level competitive play (eg mind-games, zoning, spacing, etc.) within the first hour of play.

  Foiled was selected to appear in the highly competitive Student Showcase at the Independent Games Festival (one of eight selected out of almost 350 entrants), as well as the eSports Showcase at Indiecade East.

  I co-developed Foiled with Gabe Cuzillo, who was responsible for the design, direction and code. Gabe brought me on to do graphics and sound after a few months. We worked closely for most of development, and collaborated heavily across our respective roles.

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