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  An ultra-hardcore, brutally punishing twin-stick shooter inspired by classics like Robotron 2084 and Smash TV. Battle against an unrelenting onslaught of increasingly deadly alien invaders. An 'rpg-lite' system requires players to strategize and prioritize how they will spend their precious upgrades during each run. Updated in 2013 to replace the old public-domain soundtrack with my own original music.

  I think Xzapprie is one of my best games in some respects, despite being extremely mundane in others. Honestly, it completely lacks an identity, a vision, or even a gimmick to justify its existance. However, it's swift, brutal and responsive enough to keep me playing at times when most other games couldn't. I no longer have an interest in the sort of polished-twist-on-an-established-genre game design that Xzapprie came out of, but the hyperkinetic beat-down it offers is pretty engaging in a reptile-brain, raw dopamine sort of way.

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